Fossilised Archetypes,
Realistic and Oversized

The Beginning

“A friend of mine, sent me an article about a swedish paleontologist - Mats Eriksson - that named a silurian bristle worm “Kingnites diamondi” after danish metal maestro King Diamond. I was blown away and contacted Mats right away, telling him that this was great fun. 

After a few e-mails back and forth, Mats agreed to supervise the reconstruction of the “metal worm”. When Jesper Milan (Curator of Geology, Geomuseum Faxe) heard about the model he promised to make an exhibition at the museum. Rock Fossils were born”.

Esben Horn, 10 Tons

The cornerstone for the ROCK FOSSILS ON TOUR exhibition was laid by an unsuspecting marine bristle worm - over 400 million years ago. The Swedish paleontologist and metalhead Professor Mats Eriksson, who discovered the fossil, named it after the Danish metal maestro King Diamond. Esben Horn from 10 TONS, whose award-winning models combine artfulness and scientific precision to enrich the international museum scene with natural science, reconstructed this "metal worm". Working together with the geology museum in Faxe and its curator, the Danish paleontologist Jesper Milán, 10 TONS developed the ‘Heavy Metal & Punk Fossils’ exhibition in 2013 - and ROCK FOSSILS was born. Their subject matter: up until then, 50 types of fossil had been named by paleontologists after music, bands, and songs: the exhibition presented these fossilized life forms of dinosaurs, prehistoric birds, fish, mammals, echinoderms, and snails. 

Each of the rock and pop legends was portrayed in words, images and original LPs. From AC/DC and the Ramones, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to Lemmy from Motörhead and Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits, they all found their place in natural history. The latter in the predatory dinosaur Maisakasaurus knopfleri, which Mark Knopfler loaned to ROCK FOSSILS.

In this fascinating synthesis, ROCK FOSSILS provides the background knowledge on fossilized creatures from all eras alongside their namesakes. Aesthetically and scientifically pleasing, as well as fun and quirky. And unusually, passion is awakened for long extinct life forms that may seem grotesque today. And the passion of rock-loving, open-minded natural scientists is documented in a style typical of the scene: researchers are fans too! And fans can research here: ROCK FOSSILS is a Mecca for music freaks and people interested in natural history - and those who fit into both pigeon holes. It's anything but dusty and fossilized.

While the ROCK FOSSILS owe their names to rock greats - the palaeontological reconstructions do this greatness justice. Partially with their strong presence and oversized physicality, and partially with their excellent quality. The artistic, inspired exhibits captivate visitors with their impressive realism, scientific precision, and academic freedom. They were created by the renowned, award-winning 10 TONS Studio based in Copenhagen.

The exhibition creators at 10 TONS, rock fans themselves, have exhibited in many renowned natural history museums around the world, and have invested not only their passion but also their extensive know-how in bringing ROCK FOSSILS forward millions of years to the present day. The international exhibition team also includes Rune Fjord Studio as well as paleontologists Jesper Milán, Mats Eriksson and Achim Reisdorf.