Heavy Metal & Punk
Fossils 2013 | Faxe Rock Star from Birth

King Diamond and The Team

ROCK FOSSILS began as ‘Heavy Metal & Punk Fossils’ - a special exhibition put on by the Faxe Geological Museum and 10 TONS. The gig had three shining stars: the Kalloprion kilmisteri archetype, the Kingnites diamondi heavy metal worm - and its living namesake King Diamond. What a sensation: King Diamond turned up in person to unveil the replica of the fossil named after him by Professor Mats Eriksson from Lund. 

The exhibition was met with surprisingly huge international media recognition considering its small size.

Best of Media Response Faxe 2013


‘A great exhibition is born - and the word has already spread to music websites all over the world.’
(Næstved Bladet)

‘… the museum has had the honor of visits from no less than three different ministers of cultural affairs - but the fact that King Diamond (…) attended the opening is even bigger.'
(Sjællandske Tidende)