2014 | Oslo
Goes International

Magister Templi

The Faxe exhibition design was newly conceptualized as a traveling exhibition and equipped with flight cases from the renowned Rune Fjord Studio. Three new models were added to the two heavy metal worms. A huge two-metre tall trilobite named after Sid Vicious from Sex Pistols was replicated in black leather. A cast of the type fossil Qiliania graffini – named after Greg Graffin from Bad Religion - got its own display case. And finally, a cast of the fossilized skeleton of the small theropod Masiakasaurus knopfleri was put on display.

Rock Fossils was spectacularly opened with an acoustic show by doom metal band ‘Magister Templi’ at the Oslo Natural History Museum.



Best of Media Response Oslo 2014


‘The exhibition ‘Heavy Metal And Punk Fossils’ is now starting its tour around the natural history museums of the world.’

‘A success factor could be the bewildering link between two fields that have nothing to do with one another.’

‘Quite cool to see how the world of paleontology also spreads to rock and metal.'
(The Metalist)