2015 | Bern
at Full Blast

Eluveitie koncert

Soon after the Oslo gig, a new gig was arranged at the Natural History Museum in Bern, Switzerland. The exhibition team in Bern made a HUGE extension to the exhibition and created a completely new exhibition design - several new displays and display cases, a sound installation, a light installation, screens for video and, for the first time, ‘Rock the Timescale’! The framework programme was further enriched by talks, a bar and DJ, concerts and a family day.

The Bern team named a fossilized Jurassic sea urchin after Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie, Paracidaris eluveitie, displayed together with Etruscan jewelry. 10 Tons added a new display showing a type fossil cast of Jaggermeryx naida, named after Mick Jagger by paleontologists Ellen Miller and Gregg Gunnel. Paleoartist John Sibbick (also known for his cover artwork for the metal band Bolt Thrower) created a detailed reconstruction of the creature. Staff at the Bern museum honored our ROCK FOSSILS partner, Wacken Foundation, by naming the ‘Wacken ichthyo’ after them: a spectacular prehistoric fish.

Another highlight: the legendary ACCEPT loaned a true icon of heavy metal to the exhibition, the original METAL HEART sculpture. At ROCK FOSSILS on Tour 2015-2017, 1.8 kilos of pure METAL HEART pulsed through the museums and radiated drawing power: during the two and a half years, around 40,000 people saw the double headliners METAL HEART and ROCK FOSSILS! The starting point for this unusual cooperation between ACCEPT and the museums was the logo specially designed for the Bern Natural History Museum. A red heart, made up of two 450 million years old prehistoric creates, with a flash of white lightening stimulating new life. Then there was the first exhibition trailer for ROCK FOSSILS, with Mark Filip, Marcel ‘Schmier’ Schirmer / Destruction to name but a few.

The “hall of bones” in the Bern museum was given a new lease of life with Eluveitie’s opening concert - a unique gig against a once in a lifetime backdrop. ‘Eluveitie rocking the skeletons’ (evening view).
Find out more about the Bern gig here.

Best of Media Response Bern 2015

‘The scientist and the rocker’
(SRF Tagesschau)

‘A magnificent and unusual combination’
(SRF 3)

‘It has already achieved absolute cult status’
(Star FM/Berlin->Link to YouTube-Channel)

‘Of course: you could argue about how flattering it is to have a prehistoric ancestor of the hippo or a prehistoric worm named after you. But it’s definitely funny.’
(SRF3 – «Rock Special»)

‘Even dyed-in-the-wool music fans can learn something new from ‘Rock fossils’ (…)’
(Der Bund)

‘The ‘Rock Fossils’ Exhibition is like an unknown band at a festival that steals the show from the headliners.’
(Berner Zeitung)

‘«Rock Fossils» is music to our hears.’

‘If possible, every museum should take a bite of this tasty treat’
(Berner Zeitung)

‘Fossils that are devilishly rock ‘n’ roll’
(La Liberte)

‘Nobody can say that museum workers and professors are dusty stuffed shirts’

‘[…] I never would have thought that I could ever develop a sense of affection for little skeletons immortalized in stone – but these witnesses to times gone by, often named after rock stars, do in fact have a certain something (step aside, Barry!).'
(Der Bund/Kulturblog «KulturStattBern»