2015 | Dotternhausen
inside the Metal Cosmos

Photo: Paul Bossenmaier

ROCK FOSSILS on Tour stopped at the WERKFORUM & FOSSIL MUSEUM in Dotternhausen - with a right royal bang! This is where the cooperation with a rock music festival began: the stupendous BANG YOUR HEAD! The staff at the Werkforum and Fossil Museum in Dotternhausen then named a crinoid found near the festival grounds ‘Bang Your Head! crinoid' after the heavy metal institution. Lucy was also there for the first time, a replica of the world-famous prehistoric human uncovered in Ethiopia in 1974. Australopithecus afarensis received her nickname ‘Lucy’ after the Beatles classic Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. And a new exhibition trailer went into production.

The Bern design was expanded for the Dotternhausen design, including the newly integrated fossils from Bern and ACCEPT’s METAL HEART. Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes from ACCEPT and Horst Franz, head of BANG YOUR HEAD!, graced the exhibition opening not just with an autograph session but also the first ever stage diving and crowd surfing in a museum! This was a suitable opening for ROCK FOSSILS in Dotternhausen and its exciting tours and talks. Rebellious Spirit treated visitors to the exhibition to a spectacular free acoustic concert.

You can find more info, images and a video from the ROCK FOSSILS gig in Dotternhausen here.

Best of Media Response Dotternhausen 2015


"‘Rock Fossils’ explores the history of the Earth with the evolution of innate music taste.’
(Schwarzwälder Bote)

"‘Rock Fossils’ connects science and art in a unique way."

‘World premiere of heavy metal stage diving and crowd surfing in a museum.'
(Nuclear Blast).