2016 | Bornholm
ROCK FOSSILS Hits an Island

The renowned NaturBornholm-Center, where science meets entertainment, was the next stop for ROCK FOSSILS and brought the exhibition back to Danish soil during its tour of the natural history museums of the world.

On Denmark’s most easterly island, ROCK FOSSILS returned to its “Faxe design”. The Director of NaturBornholm, Peter Haase, gave the following statement before the opening: ‘With more than 60,000 visitors to NaturBornholm from all around the world each year, we hope to give the exhibition a broad international audience.’

And Jesper Milàn from the geology museum in Faxe had this to add: ‘ It's great to see the continuing interest in the exhibition from museums around the world. That such a dull field as Zoological Nomenclature (the science of naming organisms) can be the focus of an international success is just great. On a scale from 1 to 10, this one goes to 11.’


Best of Media Response Bornholm 2016


‘The fact that such a ‘boring' subject as zoological nomenclature (the scientific naming of organisms)
can be the core of an international traveling exhibition pleases me very much.'
(Denne Uges Bornholm)