2016/17 Chemnitz
ROCK FOSSILS against an Impressive Backdrop


The gig at the Chemnitz Museum of Natural History brought ROCK FOSSILS a huge leap further in its evolution. Replicas of the BANG YOUR HEAD! crinoid and the Wacken ichthyo joined the tour for the first time and caused a national media furor as they arrived in Chemnitz. And two new realistic models from 10 TONS were premiered in Chemnitz - the Paracidaris eluveitie sea urchin and another archetype: the prehistoric bird Qiliania graffini, named after the front-man of punk band Bad Religion, Greg Graffin - an evolutionary biologist himself. 

In Chemnitz, the METAL HEART started to beat even faster at its last tour destination. Just like the hearts of the metal heads at the opening concert starring Swedish metal heavyweights WOLF. For the opening, they appeared against a spectacular backdrop: the petrified forest of Chemnitz, Europe’s largest plant fossil. Local bands and newcomers from the music school also played the opening weekend. The opening was also the release party for the LP and picture disc ‘Kalloprion kilmisteri - Silurian Overkill’, an homage to Motörhead front-man and legend Lemmy Kilmister that was limited to just 300 copies. The petrified forest was rocked again by the sold-out concert ‘Petrified Forest’ by Wellenvorm with a special light show.

Many Chemnitz cultural institutions participated in the ROCK FOSSILS project. The framework programme was designed by the city library, the music, and adult learning school and the famous Atomino Club, where the opening's after-show party went on until the early morning. An especially organized Science Slam ‘ROCK FOSSILS Special' hosted paleontologists including the German 2014 Science Slam Master Kai Jäger. There were talks and special tours. There was also a children's museum learning programme, a special research book, and craft material.

A new exhibition trailer was premiered - along with other new features:
The first ROCK FOSSILS comic saw the light of day - just like the official ROCK FOSSILS ON TOUR logo, designed by Petagno. The local Stonewood brewery gave away the first ROCK FOSSILS beer with its cult label design by Petagno. And a perfect complement to the programme: Thomas Heavy Metal Bikes GmbH provided two Harleys for the exhibition.


Best of Media Response Chemnitz 2016/17


‘A show presenting music legends and an homage to passion.’

‘Spectacular exhibition that dispels any prejudices.’

‘Dear friends of nature with an affinity for music, and equally dear friends of music who love nature – head to Chemnitz to gaze in awe at rock worms and pop gastropods!’
(Deutschlandradio Kultur)

‘For once, science presented from a
different angle.’


‘For the love of music and fossils. Here you have the love of the arts as well as science, the love of culture and nature.’ 
(Die Welt)

‘Michael Jackson is a hermit crab, Mick Jagger an ancient hippopotamus, Jim Morrison a lizard – everything is just as it should be.’
(Sächsische Zeitung)

‘This exhibition simply belongs here.’
(Freie Presse)

‘As noteworthy as this exhibition is, equally so are the special cooperations undertaken by the museum with a number of cultural institutions.’
(Kompass/Stadtmagazin Zwickau)

‘Here, you can learn something about fossils, music, and researchers at the same time.'

‘Half of Chemnitz cultural institutions took part in the ‘Rock Fossils’ project.’  
(Chemnitz Inside)

‘These ancient creatures rock!’
(Stern Digital TV)