2017 | Faxe
Back to its Roots
and Bigger than Ever

Kingnites diamondi

ROCK FOSSILS returned to Faxe in 2017 for the first time since 2013 for a revival at its birthplace. A new “Faxe design” was developed for the exhibition by the Faxe Geological Museum. The opening was set off with speeches and talks, the Geoblitz - a fossil hunt with a stone book, a family concert with Dyr i Drift and a concert by the Danish folk metallers Huldre with a signing session.

Thanks to ROCK FOSSILS, the Faxe Geological Museum had twice as many visitors in May 2017 as in May 2016.


Best of Media Response Faxe 2017


‘Scientists are also just humans, and some of them even have a sense of humor
and passionate interests that lie far from their normal subject area.'
(Faxe Bugten)




‘When science meets passion.’

‘Rock Fossils on Tour focuses on what happens when creativity, science, and passion melt together…'

‘With ‘Rock Fossils on Tour’ we have succeeded creating an exhibition based on natural science that appeals to a much broader audience than we normally see at a geological museum.’

‘… here, you will meet skulls, rock stars and fossils mixed in a wonderful cocktail.’