2018 | Luxembourg
True Love never dies

‘Rock Fossils – True love never dies’ was organized by the Luxembourg Natural History Museum, in cooperation with the neighbouring cultural institute Abbey Neimënster hosting the exhibition, and with the support of the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR).
For the Luxembourg edition, three new models were added, including the Canibal Corpse worm and the Rotting Christ brittle star.

The exhibition underwent a thorough visual re-haul: selected rock fossils were presented in stratigraphic order from the oldest to the youngest, with concise, trenchant anecdotes on the rock stars and ‘their’ fossils. The most effective innovation of the Luxembourg edition was the addition of plug-and-play audio stations for every rock fossil display (30 in total), allowing the visitor to grab headphones and listen to the very music that inspired the scientific discovery of the shown rock fossils.

The Luxembourg edition coincided with the Siren’s Call Festival featuring various musicians (including the Eels and MGMT) and other artists at the exhibition venue on June 30. The framework program included a concert by Luxembourg-based symphonic metal band Elysian Gates at the grand opening on June 7, a concert by local death metal bands (including Desdemonia) during the ‘Rock Fossils alive’ event at the exhibition venue on July 6, and several conferences, workshops and excursions. The highlight was the concert by Arch Enemy at the Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette (L) on July 10, including an extract of the Rock Fossils exhibition consisting of a few models and roll-ups in the foyer of the Rockhal, and the hand-over of the Arch Enemy rock fossil live on stage during the show.




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