Museum Gigs
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ON TOUR Travelling

Wherever the ROCK FOSSILS traveling exhibition is booked, lively culture is sure to follow. In museums in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and soon in Luxembourg. The concept behind the scientifically curated exhibition and new spotlights bring with them: visitor numbers, the exhibitor in print, web, radio and TV media, music and fossil fans and new input for the exhibiting location and the region. Every gig expands the DNA of ROCK FOSSILS!

Evolution is part of the programme - in every sense. With each new exhibition design, each inter-institutional cooperation with the museum or fair, ROCK FOSSILS develops. One thing that won't change is the faciation with the fossilized models and their natural and cultural connections. And the resonance of the riffs that echo through the millennia into the present day. Rock, pop and heavy metal fans: ... make the pilgrimage... and show the exhibition creators our respect and the usual solidarity metalheads show each other. They’ve earned it.”
(Metal inside)

So, what’s been happening on, in front of and behind the stage of the international ROCK FOSSILS tour? Read more about the goings on, episodes and events, about fossilized and living stars, scientific solidarity, art and culture and media resonance - loud and clear, just like real feedback!

ROCK FOSSILS Roadmap through Europe - with Sights Set on Other Continents

ROCK FOSSILS ON TOUR has now cruised through Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and, soon, Luxembourg. And ROCK FOSSILS has its international sights set on crossing oceans. And no fossil is too old in its new design!

Museums and fairs all across the globe are invited to book and host the visitor magnet that is the ROCK FOSSILS special exhibition. The scientifically curated concept and the artful, fascinating exhibits will make new statements and speak to new target groups. Our team supports exhibitors with special curators’ services. We’d be happy to help with any questions you might have. Want to host a future gig? We look forward to hearing from you! Just get in touch.