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We are very glad to have found top-shelf partners: the renowned Wacken Foundation, the world famous BANG YOUR HEAD! Festival and SCIENCE SLAM SONIC EXPLORERS.

The Wacken Foundation, related to the world famous Wack Open Air Festival, is a registered charitable foundation dedicated to promoting hard and heavy metal music and supporting the artists in the scene. Bang Your Head! Festival has been writing its own success story as an annual metal festival since 1996 and brings seasoned rock legends as well as top acts to Baden-Württemburg’s open-air stage.

Both ROCK FOSSILS partners have been given the honor of serving as namesakes for special fossil finds: the Wacken Foundation was honored by staff at the BERN NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM as the namesake of the ‘Wacken ichthyo’, a spectacular marine reptile. The staff at the Werkforum and Fossil Museum in Dotternhausen dedicated the unique ‘Bang Your Head! crinoid’ to the BANG YOUR HEAD! Festival. Since the Chemnitz gig 2016/2017, both “festival fossils” have been part of the ROCK FOSSILS tour.

Internationally connected artist collective SCIENCE SLAM SONIC EXPLORERS uses original compositions to explain the paleontological research and fossilized icons - such as the prehistoric bird Archaeopteryx and ‘Ida’, the world-famous primate fossil from Messel. Internationally renowned musicians not only turn palaeontologists’ texts into songs, but also create musical pieces using abstracts from academic publications.

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